Safety Stratum

Safety is the deep foundation
of Citiline Restoration.

As restoration professionals, we know that the endurance, quality, and value of a building is only as good as its foundation. Our foundation — our deepest level — is safety: The Citiline Safety Stratum.

The Numbers

0123456789001234567890Suspended Scaffolds
01234567890M+Square Feet of Replaced Roofs
0123456789001234567890M+Square Feet of Restored Façade
012345678900123456789001234567890+Employees & Growing
$0123456789001234567890MInsurance Limit
01234567890.01234567890M+Square Feet of Restored Garages

In addition to our dedicated crews and intensive inventory of equipment,

we’re well connected to other industry professionals and can easily assemble additional

teams or provide sound recommendations.

Interested in working together?

WHAT WE OFFEROur latest projects

Roof Replacement

26 Broadway

Local Law 126

180 East End Ave.

Façade Restoration

215 West 94th Street

Roof Replacement

1 Court Street

Façade Restoration

60 Thompson